When a symptom occurs we often ignore these small signs until it affects our current way of living do we then seek help from a healthcare professional. We become reactive when we receive a diagnosis and when we do seek help, the condition/disease has progressed to where one becomes reliant on medications to upkeep their current lifestyle, or it is too late to use mild or alternative therapies to treat their condition.

Naturopathic Medicine on the other hand is about dis-ease prevention and health promotion.  People often come to see Naturopathic Doctors for a wide range of symptoms that cannot be addressed by other healthcare practitioners or patients looking for alternative treatments.  Naturopathic Medicine is very useful in treating all aspects of health.  Melissa Lee ND specifically addresses the root cause of illness and works with the symptom picture to elicit positive change.


What Conditions does Naturopathic Medicine Treat?

Naturopathic Medicine treats all types of health concerns: acute or chronic illnesses and all types of demographics.  There are usually 3 cases where people seek naturopathic medical care.  These include:

  • Patients looking for disease prevention and health promotion strategies
  • Patients that have a wide range of symptoms that cannot be addressed by their other healthcare practitioners
  • Patients that are looking for alternative treatments for conditions which they have been diagnosed with.

Individuals looking for disease prevention and health promotion recognize that health is a lifelong process that requires regular body maintenance.  Just like you take your car in to get its oil changed, your body also needs a regular check up to keep it running smoothly.

Since Naturopathic Medicine has a broad understanding of health and the relationship between health, life and the environment, Naturopathic Doctors are able to offer new perspective in treating patients with a range of symptoms or conditions.

Patients who are looking for alternative treatments find that Naturopathic medicine is very effective in improving quality of life for serious life threatening illnesses, but also, can work collaboratively with conventional medicine to reduce side effects, or increase recovery from surgical or hospital procedures.

In Canada, Naturopathic Doctors must go through a post graduate accredited educational institutions, professional licensing examinations, abide by national standards of practice, and a commitment to scientific research.

For more information on what to expect in a consultation or conditions treated, contact Melissa at 416-322-9980.