The Joys of Beets

Guest Post by: Jessica Bean, RMT 


Beets are one of my favorite root vegetables and they are extremely simple to grow.  The best is to plant beets in various stages so you can have an ongoing crop all summer and even into winter.  There are so many different way to enjoy beets.  My favorite way is to boil beets, chop in pieces and toss them with some balsamic glaze and goats cheese.  Even more and more you will find people using beets in baking.  Beets are a great addition especially chocolate cake or brownies.  They are great for adding moisture without the addition of oils and butter, also a natural sweetener.  I always make sure I have planted enough to pickle a bunch of beets to last me through till the next crop.

Beets have great nutritional value as well, fresh is always best but preserving beets you still reap many benefits.  Beets are high in iron and folic acid.  Beets are great for women who are try to conceive or whom are already pregnant. Beets beautiful color are from the pigments called betalains. These pigments provide health benefits by functioning as antioxidants, lowering inflammation and reducing your risk of heart disease.

For a great Pickling/Canned Beet recipe, click here. 


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