Guest Post By: Christina Gouveia, RMT


What’s hot this season? Far-Infrared Saunas – and for good reason too! This is the best warm, tranquil, serene space to sweat it out. Traditional Finnish dry saunas use water poured over heated rocks creating steam. Far-Infrared has no such rocks or steam, but instead uses light to create heat. The heat is moist, similar to a rainforest setting. The term “far” indicates where the infrared waves fall on the light spectrum.1

At Insight Naturopathic Clinic, we have a SaunaRay brand far-infrared sauna that is a Canadian company, handmade & top of the line sauna. Because far-infrared saunas use ceramic heating elements at a relatively low temperature, SaunaRay guarantee’s “to have the lowest EMF of any sauna in the world. The electrical leakage is barely detectable at 0.2 miliGaus. This is 10X lower than the safe “limit”. It is up to 80X lower than other brands on the market….and is safe for people with electrical sensitivities.” 2

The scientific explanation is the “low watt density ceramic light to create heat which emits long wave infrared radiation.” The radiation term is not a dangerous reference, rather it is referring to the way the light emits heat – like a slow cooker for a stew. All the vegetables & meat are being evenly warmed and flavourful juices are encouraged to flow. Similarly, in the infrared sauna we are still sweating but it is an oily kind of sweat. This is because we are sweating from a deeper cellular level and thats where the toxins/metabolic waste exist. From here, our lymphatic system is able to better clean house by letting the waste go to our largest elimination organ in the body – skin – and that’s why your sweat is oily.

We have a single booth Basswood sauna which is the “least allergenic wood in North America”, a private shower stall & filtered water & towels are provided.

Combine your first sauna session of 20 minutes with an RMT treatment or Naturopathic doctor appointment and your sauna is $25! After this past month of solid frozen temperatures come in for a sweat! Come in for a clinic tour – call today! 416.322.9980.


Click on the following link to see studies exemplifying the benefits of Sauna Treatments:

Sauna as a Valuable Clinical Tool for Cardiovascular, Autoimmune, Toxicantinduced and other Chronic Health Problems



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