Labour is a long marathon!  A lot happens physiologically from the start of labour to birth. After this event our bodies need to recover from a physical, mental and emotional point of view. In some cultures, new mothers are required to stay at home for a month (“sitting the month”), with a heavy emphasis on supporting the postpartum healing process and bonding with their baby. Here are some Key Postpartum Essentials to promote healing for Mommy:

  1. Donut Pillow: Be prepared to sit a lot as you start to adjust to nursing your baby. A donut pillow or a homemade donut pillow will provide great relief for your tail bone and vagina (especially if you had to get stitches from a vaginal tear) during frequent or long feeds.
  2. Periwash: Periwash is a “tea” that you would add to your sitz bath after birth, especially if you end up “tearing.” It consists of various herbs ( like comfrey, calendula, witch hazel, plaintain, chickweed, marshmallow root, rose petals), where you would make a concentrated tea and pour that in the bath tub to bathe in. This will speed up your healing time.
  3. Nipple Butter: You don’t realize how sore your nipples can get until after the first week of nursing! Mama Earth’s nipple balm is an example of an effective nipple cream. It contains edible oils that are safe for your baby and healing herbs to prevent nipple cracking.
  4. Travel Cup: If your breastfeeding, you need to make sure you are hydrated to keep your supply up. A proper travel cup with a tight seal is essential to get your fluids up and not have additional spills to clean up.
  5. Warming Snacks: From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective it is important to “warm” the body up especially after birth. This includes incorporating things like soups and stews in the diet. Or adding warming spices (like ginger, cinnamon, cardomom, nutmeg) to healthy snacks that you have someone else make for you, or that you have prepared already. Check our snacks page.
  6. Most importantly Support:  A good support system whether it is one person (your life partner) or a community (your family), you need someone there so you can do the basic things in life like eat, go to the bathroom or take a 5 minute bath.

Hope you get some Zzzzzz’s and Good Luck!

Key Post Partum Essentials