Preconception Care is defined as “healthcare focused on taking steps now to protect the health of a baby during pregnancy and in the future.” Preconception care is important for both men and women.

There are a few things you can start before you see your Naturopath too boost your egg and sperm quality. These include:


  1.  Fresh foods: a diet full of fresh fruit and veggies always does the body good. Aim for at least 3 cups of dark leafy green vegetables.
  2. Water: fresh spring water keeps you hydrated, but helps the body clear out toxins. Females aim fro 2.2L per day, Males aim for 3.2L/day.
  3. Movement: exercise helps to improve lymphatic circulation and blood flow which improves overall health.
  4. Avoid environmental toxins: For example, smoking, second hand smoke, pesticides, air pollution (can be offset by having a air purifier).
  5. Hormonal Balance: When you go for your routine blood test, it would be good to ensure your estrogen and progesterone levels are at optimal ranges. If you are are >35 years of age, it would be good to also test your Day 3 FSH and AMH values.
  6. Keeping your stress levels in check: studies have demonstrated that lower cortisol levels have been associated with increased conception rates. Ensure that you have a way to handle your stress whether its vacation, napping, breathing, meditation, or arts and crafts.

For specific recommendations, programs, or questions about fertility, contact Dr. Lee at Insight Naturopathic Clinic at 416-322-9980.

photo credit: Image from page 85 of “Woman : her sex and love life” (1917) via photopin (license)

Preconception Care: Boosting the Egg and Sperm Health
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