You can always replace the filling with whatever toppings you like. This recipe is almost like the Asian version of a burrito, but much smaller. The fresh basil and mint leaves makes this a refreshing recipe.

Fresh Spring Rolls


 1 package Rice Paper Wraps

Hot Water


1 cup Carrots Shredded/Julienned

1 cup Cucumber julienned

1 cup Green Onion Julienned

1-2 cups Rice noodles, cooked and cooled

1 bunch Basil Leaves whole

1 bunch Mint Leave whole

Protein source: 10-15 Shrimp; Chicken, Beef or Tofu julienned about 10-15 slices.

Gluten Free Tamari Sauce

Rice Wine

Sesame Oil

1 tbsp Almond Butter

Olive Oil


  1. Prepare all your toppings accordingly: Julienne all your veggies, wash your basil and mint leaves, and cook and cool your rice noodles.
  2. Cook your protein source. You can do this two ways: 1) Simple- quickly pan fry your meet in olive oil and garlic. 2)Marinate: marinate for about 20 minutes before cooking, the protein in a mixture of [5 tbsp gluten free tamari sauce, 1 tbsp sesame oil, 1 tbsp rice wine, some olive oil]. Then pan fry until cooked.

Set all the “toppings” on the table and assemble your fresh spring roll.

  1. Boil water in a kettle, and pour into a plate (with slightly elevated edges), or a flat pain or a baking sheet.
  2. You will place the rice paper sheet in the hot water (watch your fingertips!) for 2 minutes. You will notice the rice paper starts to soften and become pliable
  3. Take the rice paper out, and put it on a cutting board or flat surface.
  4. Line the bottom of the rice paper with one leaf of basil, one leaf of mint.
  5. Then place a little bit of carrots, cucumbers, green onions, rice noodle, and your protein source in the wrap.
  6. Wrap up like a burrito!
  7. For the dipping sauce, mix together about 3 tbsp tamari sauce, 1 tsp sesame oil and 2 tbsp almond butter. You can dip your fresh spring rolls in this nutty sauce!