Kale is a nutritious and delicious addition to add to the diet. It is part of the cruciferous family and is rich in a substance called indole-3-carbinol (I-3-C). I-3-C has been studied for its use as a breast cancer/prostate cancer preventative.

Kale Beet Salad with Tahini Dressing


One bunch of Kale

4-5 Beets Shredded

1/2 cup -1 cupRaw Pumpkin Seeds


3 heaping tablespoons of tahini

1/4 cup of lemon juice (freshly squeezed, or Real Lemon)

2 cloves crushed garlic

1 tsp sea salt

1/2 tsp black pepper



  1. Prepare your kale, by peeling all the kale leaves off the stems.
  2. Wash the chopped kale leaves.
  3.  Shred your beets with a cheese grated (use the bigger grates).
  4. Mix your beets and kale together.

Now assemble your dressing:

  1. Mix the tahini and lemon juice together. You will notice that this starts to thicken significantly. Thin out the dressing with water and stir until the texture evens out. The amount of water you will vary, but the consistency you are going for is like a ceasar dressing.
  2. Add your crushed garlic
  3. Add your Salt and Pepper
  4. Mix and voila a delicious tahini dressing.

Toss your salad with the tahini dressing and sprinkle pumpkin seeds on top.



photo credit: waterdrops on kale via photopin (license)