Guacamole is one of the tastiest and healthiest snacks you can have! Rich in good fats and spices this recipe is easy and quick to make.



2 large ripened avocados

1 lime

1/2 cup cilantro finely chopped

1 tsp sea salt

1 small roma tomato diced


  1. In a bowl, cut up your avocado using the directions here.
  2. Cut your lime in half and squeeze the lime juice into your avocado squares and mash up to the consistency you like (chunky vs smooth guacamole).
  3. Chop your cilantro and add this to your bowl
  4. Chop your tomato and add to your bowl
  5. Add your salt
  6. Mix all ingredients together
  7. Serve with Neel Brothers organic tortilla chips, gluten free Mary’s Crackers, or rice crackers, with vegetables, or as a topping on a burrito!



photo credit: Avocado og lime via photopin (license)