Naturopathic Medicine can treat all types of health concerns: acute or chronic illness and all types of demographics.   These illness can order in any organ system: cardiovascular, digestive, reproductive, men’s health concerns, women’s health concerns, skin conditions, musculoskeletal conditions, respiratory health, kidney health, and general overall health promotion and optimization.

Depending on your condition, Melissa’s treatments are chosen based on the individual patient- their physiological, structural, lifestyle, psychological, social, spiritual and environmental factors.  In addition to diet and lifestyle changes, natural therapies include botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, physical medicine, and Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture, may also be used during treatments.


What to Expect with Dr. Melissa Lee ND:

Dr. Lee’s approach is a three fold approach.  She combines passion and dedication to your health with clinical experience and the latest evidence based research of Naturopathic medicines to comprehensively assess your health and your chief concerns.

Treatment Approach

Within this approach Melissa uses both conventional and naturopathic diagnostic tools to assess your health concerns.  By taking a thorough health history, nutritional analysis, physical examination, and relevant laboratory testing, she can assess the root cause and balance out the physiology of diseased organ systems rather than chasing symptoms. In this model, she works with your body systems to help you bring your body back to homeostasis or balance.

Melissa Lee NDAn initial visit involves in depth questioning of your health history, a focused physical exam, and relevant laboratory testing (if needed).  This will allow for a detailed understanding of the patient’s history, contributing factors and current health status.  Here, Dr. Lee uses both conventional and Naturopathic diagnostic tools to assess your health concerns.  After this initial assessment the treatment direction is clearly communicated and Dr. Lee may prescribe accordingly.

The second visit includes an evaluation of nutritional status and  treatment progress will be fully discussed. After the second visit, all additional follow ups will be a half hour long where consistent treatment progress is examined and treatments are adjusted according to your health concerns and progression.

After initial heal concerns are addressed, it is good to consistently see your Naturopathic Doctor to maintain health and prevent any further illness.  A simple analogy to why you want to maintain your health is one of maintaining your car: You take your car in for an oil change every 6 months, your body requires the same maintenance.

Dr. Melissa Lee, ND has treated a variety conditions. For more information please see the FAQs about Naturopathic Medicine or contact her directly at 416-466-4438