Women are unique and have unique health issues; for example, women have different sexual organs, they menstruate, they can go through pregnancy or menopause.  Some health issues can affect both men and women, but these health concerns will affect each gender differently due to the differences in physiology and biochemistry.

Melissa Lee ND Toronto Naturopathic Doctor

Women’s health is one of Melissa’s special interest. She treats a variety of Women’s Health concerns which include:

 Overall Health: Health Maintenance and Disease Prevention

Premenstrual Symptoms (cramping, bloating, cravings)

Preconception care, Infertility,  Pregnancy, Post-partum 

Female Athletes: Strength Training + Endurance Athletes

Menstruation (Irregular periods, Amenorrhea, Heavy periods, PCOS, etc)


Thyroid Conditions

Hormonal Imbalance


Autoimmune Conditions

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