As you start to think about expanding your family and having your first, second, third or fourth child it is important to think about how to maximize your health. The most powerful thing you can do to ensure your baby’s health is to make sure your health is optimal.  Dr. Melissa Lee, ND will assist you through three phases of preconception care, pregnancy care and post partum care.

Preconception Care: 

Preconception care is the time period prior to conceiving and in an ideal world, this would be 3-4 months for a couple. During this time frame we want to ensure that men and women optimize their health and have reduced risk factors that may affect future pregnancies. Treatments may include diet and lifestyle changes, nutritional supplementation or herbal medicine. Overall, an individualized treatment plan is prescribed to support healthy conception, healthy pregnancy and birth, and healthy baby. Melissa also works closely with couples who are undergoing ART procedures (TTC, TIC, IUI, IVF, FET).

Pregnancy Care: 

During your pregnancy Melissa will support you during the physiological changes that may occur. She assists you during:

  • First Trimester: In this trimester, it is important to support both parents, implantation, embryo development, stress levels and any physical symptoms of a new pregnancy (ex. nausea, vomiting, digestive issues).
  • Second Trimester: In this trimester, it is important to support both parents, fetal growth/development, and starting to think about postnatal planning
  • Third Trimester: In this trimester, it is important to prepare the body for labour and delivery, breastfeeding, and parenthood.

With regular check in visits, which both of you determine what schedule would be best, Melissa ensures that you and your baby are healthy and in good spirits.

Post Partum Care: 

In this stage, Melissa will assist you post delivery. These areas include hormonal balancing, breast feeding, stress, sleep, well child checks, and much more!

During these three phases, Naturopathic prescriptions may/can include:

Botanical Medicines

Nutritional Supplements

Acupuncture/Traditional Chinese Medicine

Nutritional Counselling

Lifestyle Counselling

Laboratory Testing

For more information about Fertility & Preconception care, contact Dr. Melissa Lee ND at Conceive Health or Don Valley Health and Wellness.

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